Marketing on Facebook in 2011 is One of the Best Lead Generation Strategies. 300 Friends on Facebook Equals 10 Deals.


This is Not a Misprint! We Use Facebook at Our Brokerage to get 5-10 Leads a Week! (We Can’t Figure Out why Agents Still Want to Kill Themselves using the Old Ways?)


Most Agents know about and are “on” Facebook, but very few use it to its fullest potential. It doesn't have to be phony, complicated, or time consuming. In just two hours of learning and set-up, you can have a Facebook “presence” that runs automatically 24/7 and presents to the world your professional image. At the same time it will open you to dozens of pre-qualified leads and business partnerships that you are currently missing.

There is a massive shift going on with how customers “connect”…and real estate as a profession needs to keep up. Today’s Buyers and Sellers are increasingly turning to technology to make their decisions. You need to be where you will be found by potential clients or you will miss out on deals!

The majority of Agents waste hundreds of hours a year on outdated business models. Huge opportunities exist today to dramatically your income for those willing to take action!

Think about it…every market has a young kid who got in the business two years ago who is Killing it! Why is this? What do they know that you don’t? This step-by-step guidebook that will show you exactly how to CLOSE 10 EXTRA DEALS this year with only 300 Facebook Friends.

Here's What You Get

  • A Digital Product - a 65-page easy reading manual to teach you in layman's terms the tips and tricks of Facebook marketing, including how to build alliances with like-minded businesses where both sides benefit. Written specifically for Agents by Agents.
  • A One-Time Purchase - we will show you how to get at least 10 deals from your Friends or targeted group in the next 12 months (without looking pushy or annoying…or even worse desperate.)
  • "How to use Facebook Correctly" Guidebook - there is a lot of dated, incomplete, or just plain wrong information out there. You will get the psychology behind Facebook and the exact “what works” and what “does not”.
  • How to get Facebook to SEO your Business for FREE – the techniques for finding deals that can close in the next 30-60 days in your marketplace.
All this for a One-Time $47 Investment

Nothing More to Buy Ever!
Everything you need to do up to 10 Additional
Deals this Year is Included.